Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure, where there is no additional gear able to cause irritation or bleeding.

It is a safe, painless and effective treatment improving the look of discolored teeth.


At Smile Design® LTD. we apply the KTP laser whitening methods. It should be noted that every dental case is different and requires an individualized approach.

KTP laser

The most up-to-date technique worldwide is the use of KTP laser. In this specific technique, soft tissues - gums - are being isolated and then a special whitening gel is applied on the front upper and lower teeth. Instead of acidic ph whitening gels, the basic and natural ph smart bleach gel is used, which is completely safe for teeth enamel.


What should I know about this treatment?

The dentist beams teeth with a special laser and finally removes the gel applied using surgical suction. This procedure is repeated 4 times. Within 30 minutes and in just one visit at the dentist’s you can have a result lasting 3-4 years. The KTP laser is fast, safe and the only one promising to whiten even dark-colored teeth. In this case, a second visit may be required. Any other treatment method requires a longer treatment time. The use of KTP Laser requires special protective glasses.

Latest Generation Led

New technology in the sector of whitening. In a 10-minute visit and without isolating the gums we have a 1-2 tones shade difference. The technique is also applied after teeth cleaning to “freshen-up” the result, or as a primary technique to be repeated weekly until the desired result is achieved. For the first time the patient takes the lead, since they are able to choose between one and up to 5 visits at an attractive low cost. After the procedure patients have no teeth sensitivities and no pain medication is required.

Why choose us for Teeth Whitening:

  • KTP Laser Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth whitening using latest generation led
  • Whitening and cleaning in just 1 visit

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