Resin Veneers

Composite resin veneers are used to improve your smile in a fast and painless way. They improve teeth color and reshape disfigured teeth.

This aesthetic procedure is recommended when there are no intense discolorings or significant tooth decay issues.



“Dental Bonding”, or “tooth bonding” is a fast and painless treatment repairing worn, broken or discolored teeth.

At the Smile Design ® LTD. dental clinic, we can repair tooth shape and colour using composite resin bonding in the most conservative way of modern aesthetic dentistry, to improve your teeth.

The composite resin used is shaped in order to fit the rest of the teeth in order to achieve an aesthetically consistent result. The goal is to fill the gaps between teeth to improve their look by even elongating them, if needed, for an attractive and beautiful smile.

At Smile Design ® LTD. teeth are being milled without drilling a large amount of enamel, and are “built” in the right shape by closing gaps and covering large discolored fillings, while dark root canalled front teeth are being “blocked”.

Regarding crooked teeth (Malocclusion) they are repairable using composite bonding, however it should be noted that this in no case can replace orthodontic therapy, which is the primarily treatment of choice.

The duration of composite resin veneers depends on the design, the use of expensive resin materials, reinforced with porcelain grains and finally, on the process of “polishing” the procedures.
The more “polished” and refined the results delivered to the patient are, the more time these results will last.

Of course, an attractive result needs to be maintained every 6 months.

Why choose us for Resin Veneers:

  • Get straight teeth in one 2-hour visit without the use of drill or anesthesia
  • Results lasting for 8-10 years
  • Natural smile using composite resin bonding, reinforced with porcelain grains

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