Artificial Dentures

Artificial dentures function as additives for missing teeth and fit the gums comfortably.

Thanks to these dentures, self-confidence, speech and chewing abilities are improved.



A partial or complete denture replaces the natural teeth and provides support to the face muscles and lips.

The dentures are made of acrylic or acrylic and metal and are designed to be functional

  • in chewing
  • in speech
  • in appearance

For a denture’s manufacture, the dentist will need an imprint to produce dentures that exactly suit your case.

Today's dentures look a lot like natural teeth. Another advantage is that they are easily fitted in and removed as well.

Their disadvantage is that it’s ratter difficult to get used to them, but enhancing the face aesthetics is the best reward.


Smile Design® LTD suggests wearing dentures all the time. You do not need to remove them at night, but you should clean them daily as well as your natural teeth.

Implants are combined with dentures to provide greater retention if and when required. You should discuss about your options with your Smile Design® LTD dentist.

Why choose us for Artificial Dentures:

  • Natural design
  • Branded dental laboratory
  • Invisible aesthetic rehabilitation

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