Filling - Seals

The white seals made with synthetic resins reinforced with porcelain granules are durable and match the natural color of your teeth.


At Smile Design® Ltd our specialized dentists always use synthetic resins reinforced with porcelain granules for the process of filling, the dental sealing, as this dental technique is widely known.

This is commonly referred to as "white sealing". Reliable materials are always used on both the front teeth and the back teeth. The dental materials chosen are biocompatible to soft tissues so as not to cause allergies to our customers.

We do not use the toxic amalgam as an inlaying material. To remove it, we use all American and European protocols to avoid possible ingestion of toxic mercury and its contact with soft tissues.

At the same time, in each unit there is a built-in device for collecting the amalgam so that the environment is not polluted. The infectious amalgam is collected by a specialized medical waste management company.

In extensive cavities we recommend to our patients inlays or inlays, made of synthetic resin or porcelain, providing a longer recovery time.

At Smile Design® Ltd we always make sure that the restorations - seals are in line with the most modern trends in dental science.

Why choose us for Filling - Seals:

  • Painless resin or porcelain fillings
  • Branded restoration materials
  • Guarantee of result

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