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Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry that deals with maintaining the health of soft tissues, gums, periodontium and of course the better health of jaw bones. "Teeth for a lifetime" requires science with modern weapons: bone regeneration, lasers, PRP from our blood, implants and very soon molecular tooth regeneration. The dentistry of the future will only be prevention and not rehabilitation or treatment. Dental plaque removal with dental cleaning or scaling is considered vital for the gums. Excellent oral hygiene maintains the gums health effect since both gingivitis and periodontitis are microbial. Both examinations are mandatory at Smile Design every 6 months during the check-up of our patients.

Tooth cleaning, gum disease treatment, periodontitis treatment

It’s about the usual tooth cleaning that is done twice a year. During the cleaning, any plaque or scaler is removed with a special ultrasound device and the dentist covers with a special polishing paste, which contains diamond grains, the surface of the teeth, in order to eliminate the color pigments. Finally, the air abration technique is applied if the patient is a smoker.

γενικη οδοντιατρικη

Why choose us for Periodontics:

  • Dental cleaning with last generation ultrasound
  • Periodontitis treatment with Laser
  • Cutting edge technology

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