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Dental Facelift.

Dental facelift or anti-ageing facelift dentistry is a complex dental procedure using dental and medical techniques, focusing on the face, while restoring dental problems to provide a more youthful appearance with long-term results.

In more detail, our teeth support the facial muscles. They are responsible for the clearer articulation of speech and their good hygiene contributes to the fresh and well-rested look of a face. After a certain age and the natural tooth deterioration, face flaccidity and sagging occurs! Which is why the face seems shorter and older. At the same time, teeth are losing their translucence, their original length, part of the enamel and the bone decreases due to possible gum disease, periodontitis. All of the above have an obvious impact on the facial area.

Dental anti aging lifting helps restore teeth in a way that allows us to get them back to their original state, by correcting the vertical dimension, which is the distance between the nose and chin, also restoring the lost muscle support (dental face lift). Nowadays, next to getting a bright, shiny smile, we can also make lips look fuller, to decrease the upper lip wrinkles for smokers, to soften the philtrum and nasolabial folds, to accentuate cheekbones. Consult a Smile Design® LTD dentist and get revitalized both mentally and aesthetically!

Αναίμακτο λιφτιγνκ

Why choose us for Dental Facelift:

  • Lifting or facial aesthetic restoration without a scalpel
  • Immediate, permanent results without botox and fillers
  • Smile restoration with simultaneous face rehabilitation

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Dental Face Lift F.A.Q.

It is a procedure that intervenes in the middle third of the face and below, as well as on the lips of the person concerned, with dental operations, restoring the support of the muscles.
Aesthetic dentistry corrects aesthetic problems of the teeth, while the dental face lift focuses on the design of the teeth and how they relate to the muscles of the face.
The usual surgeries are initially the treatment of periodontitis using ultrasound CTP laser and Co2 laser to stop the loss of bone and consequently the loss of facial support. This is followed by the repetition of problematic endodontic "denervation" treatments, which, very often, are accompanied by cysts and lead to loss of jaw bone. Next, we move on to the restorative dentistry phase, where all old and toxic amalgam fillings are replaced with modern materials such as porcelain inserts or porcelain inserts, always based on the predetermined new closure. At the same time, the abrasions of the "short teeth" teeth are corrected by increasing their length and the old "cases" are replaced with new generation materials, such as all-ceramic crowns or porcelain zirconium. Finally, fill in the gaps of lost teeth with branded implants, or bridges where needed. The new smile is designed to restore the vertical dimension of the face, improve the closure of the jaws and "freshen" the face by giving it the support that has been lost.
The measurement of the face which is determined from the tip of the nose to the middle of the jaw, when the lower jaw is in complete relaxation. By placing the teeth in their correct vertical dimension, we restore harmony to the characteristics of a person. The technique of dental face lift, combines all modern operations on soft and hard tissues, offering predictable, natural results in patients with multiple dental problems. The results are personalized exclusively to the needs of each patient and give him 10 to 20 years younger.
When a patient has a bad closure, he tends to "grit" his teeth with more force. The creation of abrasions on the teeth, ie the gradual loss of their length leads to a "fall" of the face. The teeth play an important role in both the shape and the length of a face, so when they "shorten" the face is deformed. This leads to the appearance of wrinkles and a reduction in lip volume. Speech problems often arise. The abrasions are done gradually, without anyone realizing them.
Exactly the opposite, completes the face lift. To be precise, the dental face lift should precede the face lift to the plastic surgeon, who will complete or perfect the already existing results.
The results are immediate with the welding of the works and the completion of the operations and last for 15-20 years. A basic condition, when periodontal problems are involved, is the maintenance of good health of both soft (gums) and hard tissues (bones).
The dental face lift is a purely personalized operation, as unique as the person concerned. Therefore, in order to cost such a complex procedure, the treating dentist must know what surgeries are needed to properly restore the closure, the health of the teeth and the image of the face.
 These are daily dental procedures, which are even performed under local anesthesia.
Clearly, it minimizes the annoying intense wrinkles of those who do not leave their favorite bad habit, emphasizing the same time at full lips. The dental face lift, reverses this process and restores with a new smile, the normal length of the face and the lips, while reducing wrinkles around the oral cavity.

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