Dental implants replace one or more teeth, giving patients the opportunity to chew food properly and restore confidence when smiling.

They also protect existing teeth by strengthening their structure and improving appearance and speech problems. We use ALL ON 4 or ALL ON 6 dental bridges with implants using digital CAD-CAM technology to restore a natural smile with 4 or 6 implants.



What implants are? 

Dental Implants are the modern way to restore lost teeth. Using implants, the teeth not only look completely natural but your lost self-confidence is restored. More specifically, the implants are made of pure titanium, an alloy completely biocompatible with the oral cavity tissues. It is placed on the bone of the jaw by a special maxillofacial surgeon and represents the tooth root. Over time, the bone "fills" the treated titanium surface and thus the osseointegration results, which the better, the longer the life of the implant.


What do I need to know about surgery?

Regarding the operation itself, it is very simple, painless and is done under local anesthesia in half an hour. After 3 months in the lower jaw and in 6 months in the upper jaw, the dental crown is placed. Prior to placement, a CT scan is required to check if the bone is adequate and dense. Since the bone is not a «candidate» for implant, a simple operation is performed before the implant’s placement, the so-called "bone regeneration", and in the second phase, it is placed.


How do I know if the implants are qualitative?

There are over 200 companies in the global market. We cooperate with the 3 most famous companies for our patients. Implants are accompanied by warranty-authenticity certificates, which are delivered to the patient after the implant placement surgery. The company's certificate is an important document and must be kept, so that in case of "unscrewing, the dentist has the appropriate repair tools. Implants that we are not aware of their manufacturing company are not repaired. Implants without a "barcode" certificate are of dubious origin. Certificates must accompany both the surgical implant and the prosthetic implant. Large deviations in the implant’s cost pose risks.

Why choose us for Implants:

  • Osteogenesis rate 95%
  • Specialized, experienced maxillofacialsurgeon
  • Branded Straumann implants, 3I, Miss
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Written guarantee
  • Implants in 15 min with local anesthesia, no pain, no swelling

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